Do I have to create my design digitally or may I draw it on a paper and then scan it?
In case you win the competition, you have to make sure that you can provide a professional, printable file (ideally a vector graphics). So we can pass it on to our factory. Most of our lillestoff designers work with Adobe Illustrator. If possible, please save your result as X-3 PDF without bleed.


How many designs may I submit?
Maximum 2 (1 for boys and 1 for girls).


Designs 2 – 8: In case lillestoff decides to produce one of these designs – does one get a remuneration – apart from the fabric? 
Of course. The designers would get a remuneration in line of the industry standard, if lillestoff decides to produce these fabrics for selling.


Is there a specification concerning the repeat size? 
We do not specify an exact repeat size, but our factory prefers the following formats:
9,5 x 9,5 cm // 11,5 x 11.5 cm // 14,5 x 14,5 cm // 18 x 18 cm // 19 x 19 cm // 25 x 25 cm // 28,8 x 28,8 cm // 36 x 36 cm // 55 x 55 cm // 57 x 57 cm // 73 x 73 cm // 73,5 x 73 cm


I may maximally use 7 colors. Does white count as a color? 
White and also black count as colors. Your design may in fact contain 7 colors, however we do get the best print-results with five or six colors. So if your design looks good with less than 7 colors, fine! You need 7? Than use 7. But never more.
What’s more: Please bear in mind that you should only use »spot colors« (100%)! Data like 60% of color xy or color gradients are not possible. The color mode is not CMYK or RGB. In order to identify the colors accurately, you need Pantones »Fashion+Home« color fan.

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